24 Hour Call Out 7 Days a week

24 Hour Call Out 7 Days a week

Leak Detection Bewdley

We Find & Fix Your Leaks and we are actually based near Bewdley

Our No Dig Trench less Mole System

We will locate your leak wherever it is on your property. If it turns out to be under your drive or patio don’t worry, our “No dig ” Mole Tunnelling system will usually avoid larger excavations and lots of time and money!


Leak Detection Bewdley

We use years of experience and skill to detect exactly where your leak is wherever it is on your property. We then get it fixed quickly and efficiently a minimum of fuss and disruption. Call us in Bewdley 24/7


” Hi I’m Andy Brown of A.B Water in Kidderminster – I spent 25 years at Severn Trent Water specialising in leak detection, finding, fixing leaking and burst water pipes and water mains, we will not make a fuss and we will get the job done quickly ” Call Me On  07789 904263 Anytime

AB Water are Leak Detection Bewdley experts and we are local being based just 5 miles away so we will be with you quickly.

Here at AB Water we don’t just find your leaks but we fix them too.

AB Water are a local leak detection plumbers with over 30 years of experience. Based just 5 miles from Bewdley and having worked for Severn Trent Water for 25 years ,Andy Brown has a massive amount of experience in finding and fixing leaking water pipes.  AB Water offer a fast and efficient leak detection service for your home or business premises. We will quickly and efficiently detect any type of water leak in any size of property. No job is too small or too big we can also help with Industrial Leak Detection. Many leak detection companies will only look for your leak, you then need to find another plumbing company to come in and fix the problem. At AB Water we are highly experienced plumbers who will FIND YOUR LEAK & FIX YOUR LEAK straight away.

When searching for water leaks we use specialist acoustic leak detection methods and tracing equipment. We have loads of experience in detecting water leaks anywhere in, on or under your property, under your house under your driveway, under your garden or patio wherever you have a leak we will find it and we will fix it!

We work in a fast and efficient manner to get the leak stopped as quickly as possible. We can also track down those difficult hard to find underground water leaks. No matter where the break in the water pipe is you can just leave it to us to get your leaks stopped.  AB Water have been fixing water leaks in Bewdley for years and have a wealth of experience to call upon for the most accurate water leak detection. We have literally been detecting water pipe leaks and FIXING THEM for over 30 years. Frequently we are called in by other plumbers who require our specialist knowledge and experience in leak detection and need our trench-less “ No Dig “ Mole solution for easy underground water pipe repair.

We are a local plumbers and are just 5 miles away from Bewdley over in Kidderminster and we are very familiar with all parts of Bewdley and the surrounding area.  We offer a reliable 24 HOUR EMERGENCY WATER LEAK REPAIR SERVICE TO BEWDLEY – we will usually get to you quickly and find and fix your leak in a very short time. We are the perfect choice if your leak is underground as we use the latest “No Dig Mole Equipment “ which can save a fortune against traditional expensive  excavations.

We always look for the quickest and most economical solution to water leak detection Bewdley. We will also help with suggestions for ways to help you dry out water damaged property and minimise further water damage.  Don’t search for one company to detect your leak only to have to find another one to fix the leak – Call in the expert one stop solution AB Water – We find your leak and fix it.

Whatever the size of your building, domestic, industrial or commercial premises we can detect and fix your leaking water pipes and mains water pipes.  You may have recently discovered that since 2014 it is your responsibility to find and have repaired all water leaks on or under your property. Here at AB Water we are always calm and helpful at what can be a very worrying and stressful time.  We have been fixing underground water pipe leaks in the Bewdley area for many years. Our tried and tested Non Destructive Detection skills and equipment will quickly trace your leaking pipes and then we have all the skills and tools needed as well as the many specialised connectors to get your leaking water pipes fixed straight away. Prompt action will save you from a massive water bill and will also prevent any further damage to your property or disruption to your business. With our special trench less underground “ Mole Equipment ” we can repair leaks including burst water mains wherever they appear on your property. Avoid costly excavations and lots of mess on your property. For the finest Leak Detection Stourport service ready to help 24 hours a day 7 days a week  just give us a quick call – AB Water will find and fix all your underground water leaks, mains water leaks, cold water feed leaks, underfloor leaks even leaks under your house, driveway, garden or patio.

Dont take our word for it…

See what others say about us!


” A top quality job with no hassle and the work has solved my poor pressure problems”


” Andy fixed my leak quickly with very  little mess and at a reasonable cost ”


” Used the mole to install a new pipe under our new tarmac  drive without digging it up we are very pleased with the service we received ”


” Gave us great advice over the phone -came round to see the problem quickly and got the leak fixed in next to no time and with no damage to our patio ”

Leak Detection Bewdley
A B Water

Fast – Efficient Service – No Stress

For accurate and efficient Leak Detection Bewdley simply call AB Water. You will benefit from our many years of experience in leak detection and our skill and experience in repairing your leaking water pipes. Call now for our renowned one stop solution to Leak Detection Bewdley we find all those difficult to trace underground water leaks quickly and will fix them at the same time, let us save you stress, time and money.

We know just how leaking water pipes can cause havoc in your home or business. As soon as you think you have a leak call us straight away and we will fix it with the minimum of fuss and disruption. Fixing water leaks quickly can save you a fortune on water damage to your home or business.

AB Water for leak detection Bewdley we always work hard to find the best solution and we are local just 5 miles away in Kidderminster so for the FASTEST Leak Detection and fix service in Bewdley Call AB Water

We offer under drive leak detection – underfloor leak detection – mains leak detection – under your house leak detection – Domestic & Residential leak detection – Commercial & Industrial Leak detection.