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We Fix Poor Water Pressure In Worcestershire

A sudden drop in water pressure? you may well have a burst or leaking pipe. We will detect and fix water pressure problems fast.

Your water company may be getting the water pressure right at your boundary, but the pipes under your property may be too small, too old, or even leaking and hence failing to deliver the correct water flow to your property, these things all result in you suffering from low pressure and cold showers when someone turns on the downstairs tap!!!

At A B Water work on homes and business properties all over Worcester and most parts of Worcestershire including Malvern. We can take a look and will quickly be able to tell you if replacing your old, furred up or corroded water pipes will fix the problem. If so we can do it with the minimum of fuss using the latest mole trenchless technology and at very affordable prices.

We are happy to take a look at your low water pressure problems in Worcester and most parts of Worcestershire and give a fast fixed price quote for the work needed. We can replace old lead water pipes and fix leaking or burst underground pipes that could be the source of the problem.

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We Cover Worcester, all of Malvern and most parts of Worcestershire


Low or poor water pressure really is a horrible problem to live with and sooner or later you will want to get the problem solved. If you live in Worcester or most parts of Worcestershire we are here and ready to help in an emergency or if it’s a problem you have lived with for some time. There are quite a few different causes of low water pressure and many do not require urgent repair, we are happy to look at the problem and give a no-obligation and very competitive quote.

If you are only getting low pressure in just your shower then replacing pipes is not going to be the answer. But if it turns out that the water pipes are just too small or are furred up or corroded then new or larger pipes may be the answer to restore proper water pressure.

Some houses still have galvanized iron pipes while these water pipes don’t corrode as steel water pipes do, they can rust and again, replacing the pipes might be the only way to get the correct water pressure. Poor water pressure can mean there are some underlying issues such as corroded pipes which could burst and cause more damage in the future. It costs nothing for us to take a look and see how we can help you.

Low water pressure in Worcester and most parts of Worcestershire can be caused by leaks from foundation shifts, tree roots, corrosion, or simply old and worn pipes. If you have a sudden drop in water pressure and you have not had your water pipes checked for a while then why not give AB Water a call as soon as possible and let us check your water mains system for any water leaks and get your pipes fixed fast and affordably. If you think you have a possible water leak we will soon be able to see if that is the case and get it fixed fast. You will often see a huge improvement in your domestic water flow by replacing old pipes.

I have been carrying out pipe replacements for over 30 years so I have got quite good at it.

Examples of Our Pipe Replacment Work to Restore Water Pressure

We Cover Worcester, Malvern and most parts of Worcestershire


In some situations, it may be necessary to replace your entire water mains. We are able to work closely with Severn Trent Water and make sure that the whole job goes smoothly. With Andy having worked at Severn Trent Water for 25 years he is well placed to liaise and work alongside them. We are able to undertake water mains replacement at a competitive cost using our ” Moling ” system which offers directional trenchless solutions causing the minimum disruption to your property. Having your water mains replaced will result in the best water pressure available and you’ll have the peace of mind that this work will last for many many years. Give us a call and let us give you some honest advice and a very competitive quote.

Here at AB Water, we use our “mole system” to fix your leaks, replace water pipes and improve your water pressure. This offers a cost-effective, environmentally friendly method of underground installation of your new water pipes it also makes our work, fast, efficient and means we complete the job with the minimal disruption. We just make 2 small holes an entry and an exit hole for the mole and it gets on and does its job. This avoids deep excavations and trenches and saves a huge amount of time cost and disruption.

Our trenchless “mole” system is perfect for leaks and finding ways to return your water pressure to normal and means minimum disruption to tarmacked or expensive block paved driveways and for fixing problems under patios. and for existing structures, congested areas, environmentally sensitive areas and waterways. Even if the water pressure in the local mains network is strong the old water supply pipes on your property could be restricting the water pressure water in your property. Poor pressure is often due to old small diameter pipes as well as leaks from old water supply pipes.

Having worked in the water industry for over 30 years Andy is acutely aware of the importance of locating and fixing underground leaks and blockages. The vast majority of underground leaks don’t show up on the surface and an underground leak can be costing your home or business a fortune if not fixed. We will test to see how much water is unaccounted for and we can come up with a firm quote to rectify the situation and get your water pressure for properties and businesses in Worcester, Malvern and most parts of Worcestershire, to the best it can be.


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Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality. From the first visit to provide a quote (not an estimate), through Andy’s punctuality and professionalism, to his amazing knowledge and work ethics – brilliant company, brilliant bloke, brilliant job. Can’t believe what he got done in one day !!

Having been left to fend for ourselves after ST found the source of a fresh water leak inches inside our boundary, Andy was out within hours, giving a very competitive price. When we had got our quotes in, it was a clear choice to chose Andy – and not just down to cost. Andy completed the job within the timeframe, having put a brand new pipe all the way into the house and you couldn’t tell that such a big job had been completed – with all debris removed. Highly recommend.


Can’t thank Andy enough for sorting out a long-standing problem. very prompt explained exactly what he would. completed a great job. Highly recommended if you have a water supply problem.


Perfection. Andy was brilliant, arrived early, worked throughout, knowledgable and hard working and tidy, can’t praise him enough for his work 👍🏻👍🏻 Thank you and will be recommending you to all


” A top quality job with no hassle and the work has solved my poor pressure problems”


” Andy fixed my leak quickly with very  little mess and at a reasonable cost ”


” Used the mole to install a new pipe under our new tarmac  drive without digging it up we are very pleased with the service we received ”


” Gave us great advice over the phone -came round to see the problem quickly and got the leak fixed in next to no time and with no damage to our patio ”


Great Service. Great response to a major leak problem, and got stuck in even when a half-day job turned into 2 full days over a weekend.


Fabulous service. Fast and efficient at completing the job! Very friendly and polite would definitely recommend


We Fix Low Water Pressure in Worcester
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